Science And Technology

The important function of science and technology in modern life cannot decorate in sight of today’s world.Science and technology has deeply persuaded the path of human society.

Science and technology play an important part in human civilization and culture from the past several millennia. And now in the planned economy of a country, science automatically plays an important role.

Science and technology cover many scientific discoveries and technological successes in diverse fields like Geology, Mathematics, Astronomy, Architecture, Chemistry, Medicine, Natural Philosophy, Physics etc.

Improvements in techniques develop as a result of science and technology explore that brings about great boosts in production in the special parts of the financial system.

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The most momentous development in science and technology is the organization of a chain of national laboratories and research institutes in different parts of a country’s different regions.

Science And Technology1

Science and technology successes awesomely found in different fields of life like agriculture, health care, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, nuclear energy, astronomy, astrophysics, space technology, defense research, biotechnology, electronics, information technology, oceanography etc that are generally admit by every individual.

Science and technology has become so closely twisted and so support each other and to be successful, any policy needs to analysis them together.

Science and technology has had unpatented crash on economic expansion and social development. Scientific and technological developments nowadays also have deep true, legal and social insinuations.

Because of all this, science and technology system has to be instilled with new power if it is to play an important and helpful job in advancing the comfort of all sections of a society.

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