Server Technology

Used in about all automatic library systems, client/server technology is the computer architecture. Client/Server technology is computer architectonics for amid the application’s functions into two or added audible parts. Client/Server technology divides functions into applicant (requestor) and server (provider) subsystems, with accepted advice methods (such as TCP/IP and z39.50). To facilitate the administration of advice amid them, it divides the functions. On the desktop computer the applicant presents and manipulates data. To abundance and retrieve adequate abstracts the server acts like a mainframe. The machines can accomplish their duties to their best.

Server Technology


The capital characteristics of Applicant Server Technology is as under-

  • By the differences in their assuming tasks the applicant and server can be differentiated from one another.
  • The applicant and server about action on altered computer platforms.
  • One or added servers may be affiliated by the clients.
  • Multiple audiences may be affiliated by the servers at the aforementioned time.
  • Without affecting anniversary added the applicant or server may be upgraded.

A server can be anywhere forth the adding band and with a ample ambit amid the clients. Only the user interface has been confused assimilate the applicant at one end; at the added end the database may be distributed.

Along the ambit there are at atomic bristles points:

  1. Distributed presentation: The server and the applicant partly handle the presentation
  2. Remote presentation: The applicant handles or controls the absolute presentation
  3. Broadcast logic: The server and the applicant partly handle the appliance logic
  4. Remote abstracts management: The server handles or controls the absolute Database management
  5. Broadcast database: The server and the applicant partly handle the Database management

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